Fresh Westcountry Mussels
Fresh Westcountry Mussels
Fresh Westcountry Mussels

Fresh Westcountry Mussels

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Talking Mussels with James Martin

James Martin took his opportunity appearing on This Morning to talk about how the pandemic is affecting the fishing industries. One of James’s fisherman that he relies on for produce recorded a clip for This Morning to talk about how they were being impacted.

Our friend and owner of Westcountry Mussels, Gary says:

"Instead of harvesting them for top restaurants in the UK, we’re having to throw them away and it’s a tragic shame. We have to dump over 300 tonnes because we have no restaurants to supply."

In a bid to combat this loss, James created a recipe using mussels so viewers at home would be encouraged to buy the shellfish and cook them up at home...



Westcountry now farm all their mussels in St Austell Bay in the rich, warm gulf stream which wraps around the Cornish coast, bringing its abundant nutrients and clean water – the mussels are in their element!

We have been proud suppliers of Westcountry Mussels of Fowey for in excess of 20 years and the product is renowned for its quality and taste all across the region.

Ingredients & Allergens

Mussels (Shellfish)

Storage & Cooking Guidelines

KEEP Refrigerated around 1-4°C.