Lemon Sole (1no) - S&J Fisheries
Lemon Sole (1no) - S&J Fisheries
Lemon Sole (1no) - S&J Fisheries

Lemon Sole (1no)

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‘Lemons’ have an oval body; more rounded than a Dover, with a lighter, yellowy-brown dark side. Ranging in size from 230g to 1kg+, these sole have a sweet delicate flesh, ideal for any sole recipes and work especially well with creamy white wine sauces. As well as being a great fish cooked on the bone, fillets are always popular, and are great for rolling around a filling (delice) then steaming or baking.

Whilst found in the Eastern Atlantic and North Sea, lemon sole from the UK’s South Coast are generally considered the best, and often command a higher price.

Sold per fish (x1)

Please specify your prep instructions in the notes. If none are left we will assume you want your fish filleted.

Whole Fish (Gutted): Approx 450g

Filleted: Approx 220g (giving 2 fillets)

Trimmed & Skinned (head off, pan ready): Approx 400g

*Note: Your fish will be within +10/-10% within the specified grade*

Ingredients & Allergens

Lemon Sole (Fish)

May contain bones

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