Haddock Fillets (2no)
Haddock Fillets (2no)

Haddock Fillets (2no)

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Fillet Size: 2 x 170-200g (6-8oz)

Second only to Cod in popularity, Haddock is a smaller fish with a sweeter flavour. Haddock has iron-grey skin and a silvery belly with a distinctive black line running the length of the fillet. There is also a black spot at the top end of the fillet.

The fish has white flesh, which cooks up to a delicate flaky finish! Perfect for pan fry, oven bake and of course - Fish & Chips! 

2 Fillets per pack

You can choose your prep instruction:

  • Skin on (Scaled) & Pin Boned
  • Skinned & Pin Boned

Let us know in the instructions/comments box

Note: Your fillets will be within +10/-10% within the specified grade*

Ingredients & Allergens

Haddock (Fish)

May contain bones (although every effort has been made to remove them)

Storage Guidelines