Gluten-Free Whitby Scampi
Gluten-Free Whitby Scampi

Gluten-Free Whitby Scampi

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Introducing our latest product: Gluten Free Scampi! An old time classic revamped for those following a Gluten-Free diet. Amazing flavour not lost in the recipe change and just as easy to prepare as normal Scampi. 

Serve with a slice of lemon and tartar sauce - you cant go wrong with this pub classic that can be either oven cooked or deep fried.

Box Size: 600g

*Frozen product - NOT eligible for courier delivery*

Ingredients & Allergens

Scampi (Crustaceans)

For full ingredients see packaging

Storage & Cooking Guidelines

KEEP FROZEN -18°C or below. Do not refreeze.

Cook from frozen. Oven Bake or Deep Fry.

For full instructions see packaging.