Brown Crabmeat
Brown Crabmeat
Brown Crabmeat

Brown Crabmeat

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Love it or not this is where the real flavour of the crab is. The brown meat is also the most interesting of the meats as it is the only one that changes throughout the seasons and between male and female crabs. Male (or Cock) crabs clearly don’t have eggs or roe and the brown meat is therefore just that, brown all year.

Cock crab brown meat tends to be creamy and softer in flavour than the female of the species. The female or Hen crab brown meat changes through the season, sometimes soft and creamy like the cock crab but, in the autumn, rich, firm and full of the red roe that is so prized in Asia.

Tub Size: 454g

Serving Suggestion

Essential to any great Devon crab sandwich or rich crab soup.

Pot Size: 454g

Ingredients & Allergens

 Crab Meat (Crustaceans)

Storage & Cooking Guidelines

KEEP Refrigerated around 1-4°C.