Subscribe & SAVE!

Introducing the BIGGEST improvement in our service yet!

All of our products are available to purchase online as a One-time Purchase or "Subscribe and Save!"

Now you can set a regular subscription to all of your favourite products from the comfort of your own home. Ever forgot to order that Fish Box in time? Or don't have the time to spend ordering every time?

Well here's the answer.

You can choose what product(s) you use and the frequency for collection/delivery to suit.

What's more, we're offering a 5% discount to ALL subscribe and save orders we take - the savings can really add up!


Main Benefits

- Save 5% off all products you put through "Subscribe & Save"

- Never forget or run out of your favourite products again

- Save time on ordering and browsing

- Same checkout process as before - no complicated set up

- Easy to manage "My Subscriptions"

- Pause, skip, edit future orders, swap products and cancel subscriptions at the click of a button

It couldn't be more simple to use and there's no strings attached or binding contracts - we're here to make it easier for you!

Visit any product page to start your subscriptions!