We're getting an app!

In a year of not much to be excited about - here's something to really get our teeth in to! 

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Once registered, you can browse our product list, search for your favourites in order history, place orders, receive special promotions and discounts and much more all from your smartphone or tablet!
How can the S&J Fisheries app benefit me?
- Completely free to install and use
- Fast order entry saving time and money
- Promotions and discounts are highlighted
- Open and use the app on your smartphone 24/7 at your convenience
- Browse our entire product range at the tap of a button
- View your personal order history and saved products/prices
- Ability to submit partial orders to be completed later (easily make add on's throughout or at end of service)
- Re-order within a few taps
- Reduce human error and mistakes - you create your orders direct
We can't wait to release this app in the new year and we look forward to working with you to bring it seamlessly into your business.
Got any questions or want to register your interest? Get in touch below...