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Premium Shell-on Coldwater Prawns

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Greenlandic shell-on prawns have a distinctive rich pink colour, firm meat with an extra sweet and juicy taste. The prawns grow slowly in the cold Arctic waters which allows their unique flavour to develop fully. The flavour is intense, fresh and slightly sweet, with a hint of sea salt. Ideal for starters and are easy to prepare, just needing to thaw before serving.

From the sea to freezer in less than 3 hours...

Shell-on prawns are caught in the clean, ice-cold waters around Greenland. Immediately after the catch is landed, the prawns are sorted by size, cooked, packed and then frozen in less than 3 hours! This fast yet gentle process ensures the prawns retain their natural flavour, texture and freshness!

Pack Size: 5kg (90/120 count)

*Frozen product - NOT eligible for courier delivery*

Ingredients & Allergens

Prawns (Crustaceans), Salt, Water

Storage Guidelines

KEEP FROZEN -18°C or below. Do not refreeze.


Defrost for 2-3 hours at room temperature or for 12 hours in a refrigerator at 1-4°C.